manuscript viewer and editor

The Manuscript viewer and editor allows you to view images and annotations. You can make your own project, upload images and add text and comments in your browser. The advantage of doing this in your browser is that you immediately have a website of your work. You can choose to publish it for everyone or keep it private.

An old manuscript, originally printed or handwritten is often a bundle of small details with difficult to read elements.
Such a manuscript is often first transliterated (conversion of a text from one script to another) because the old letters and ligatures (abbreviated words or parts of words) are mostly unreadable to an untrained reader. Then the transliterated text can be translated into modern text.

Ancient manuscripts always contain words that have different meanings in time: things in our modern time compared to ancient context is often quite something else.
(An example is the Bible, compare the number of words in some languages: link)

Why an editor?

I did not find good and simple tools where I can work on the transliteration and translation of a manuscript AND view the original at the same time. So i created this.

Most of the time you are looking in (digital) libraries for references, in other translations and within minutes your desk will have a pile of papers. In such a mess I cannot work and cannot organize thoughts. Now, using the editor together with a good screen capture tool I can focus on the text and context.
Use capture tools such as picpick or greenshot or use Printscreen (PrtScn) to get an image. Then use the -Add Image- button to add it to the project. Then tools such as
Zoom and Rotate are available and, of course, enter text and comments.


I have spent many days and weeks in making the -manuscript viewmode- good for search engines. There are two types of projects: public and private. If you are finshed you make the project public. A -private- can only be seen by you. Viewmode access is possible for everybody, once the project is made -public- by you. Click on 'projects' above to view the different manuscript projects this far.

How can I get editor access?

Because it is new to me, I do not know if I want to allow everyone on my site and if I want to charge money of make it free. Of course you can ask for an account by e-mail (info at and replace the at for @) if you have a project and I will let you know.

Some screen shots:

After login, in editmode: the project page allows you to immediately change the project name, description and project image

In viewmode: This mode uses frames that you can resize in any direction. Any item you see can be changed and edited in editmode.

In editmode: When an element is of vertical size, the editor detects that and shows the text on the right and not below the image.

Deletion of your own items can be done in the -tree view-.

I would like to use images or text from your website for a publication. What do I have to consider?

If you wish to use or publish an image, including as part of another website,please send me a link. Also you need to respect the copyright of the owner of the pictures and if you use the transcribed text please make a reference. You can reference the source as Manuscript viewer and editor