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In the center is depicted the world with the system, according to the geocentric hypothesis, the earth as pivot; it is indicated by a circle in which an astronomer measures the height of the stars with an astrolabe.

The earth is in the center of this diagram, surrounded by the spheres of water, air and fire.  The other spheres include the planers, zodiacs, cycles of the moon and the calculation of the golden number.
The panel shows a calender wheel. Showing the various cycles of times revolving around the earth. An astronomer holding up a quadrant stands on earth, which is placed in the center.

Signs of the zodiac in a gold ring. Position of the moon in relation to the fixed stars and six rings to show the complexities of the lunar motions.
The outermost ring has a text on how to determine the Golden Number.

A series of concentric rings initially collects water, air and fire with the earth that compose the four elements; this medieval and archaic representation of the universe is completed by the orbits of seven planets, arranged according to the order adopted by Ptolemy: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, which are the "fifth essence" Aristotelian.

In the corners each of the four seasons hold a text., describing its characteristics.

A last link shows 19 stars, like the 19-year Metonic cycle, which is the sphere of fixed. Complementing the world system brings together a ring figurations of these planets and the texts specifying, in particular, dominant, influence and duration of the revolution.