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Açí està un soldà gran e podarós molt rich. Aquest soldà ha ·DCC· orifants e ·C· míllia hòmens a cavall sots lo seu imperi, e ha encara peons sens nombre. En aquestes part[s] ha molt or e moltes péres precioses.


Here lies a great Sultan, powerful and very rich. These Sultan has seven hundred elephants and a hundred thousand soldiers on horseback at his command. In addition to countless soldiers on foot. In these regions there is gold in abundance and many precious stones.

The King is surrounded by Golden balls Delly seated; door Golden Crown and blue dress. With the index of the right hand noted.  Refers to the Sultanate of Delhi, ss XIII to XVI. That formed between the Indo and Ganges, an Islamic Empire of Mongolian orientation. The maximum expansion was between 1330 and 1351 with Mohamed Ibn Tughluq, who dominated all the Deccan peninsula. The black flags indicate the extent of your domains in the mid-14TH century.

source: L’ATLES CATALÀ DE 1375 TREBALL  DE  FINAL  DE CARRERA Àngel Arana Palomo Juny, 2002