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Moltas civitas magni. Aques[ta] edifichà Allexandri, rey de Macedoni.

Multan, big city. This built Alexander, King of Macedon.

Below the text you can see a man who, with a whip, riding an elephant with a castle on top, like that of the table IV in Africa. The disproportion between the man and the elephant, which does not occur with the camels, may be due to that knew only to have it heard, without them ever seen nor know the actual dimensions.   Marco Polo refers to the use of elephants for the war and said that "over them construexen mobile towers where fit between twelve and twenty men" (no CLXVIII.). A literal interpretation may be the origin of the drawing.

source: L’ATLES CATALÀ DE 1375 TREBALL  DE  FINAL  DE CARRERA Àngel Arana Palomo Juny, 2002