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ciutat de mecha
Mecha. En esta ciutat és l’archa de Mafumet, proffeta dels sarrayns, los quals vénan açi de totes lus regions en pelegrinatge e dien <e dien> pus an vista ten preçiossa cossa, que no són dign[es] de pus veser, e aquí éls s’anbaçinan la vista en reverència de Mufumet.

Mecca. In this city you will find the Ark of Muhammad, the Prophet of the Saracens, who come here on a pilgrimage from all regions. And they say that after having seen something as beautiful as they are not worthy to see anything else, and here starts your eyes in honor of Muhammad.

The phrase "the Mufumet of archa" refers to allegedly Islamic pilgrimage in Mecca, and not to their grave. Let's assume that the story that the pilgrims were removed the eyes should have only a symbolic meaning.  The cities of Mecca and Medina are well described, although its location is too close to the coast. The text accompanies a figure of a person in an attitude of prayer towards Mecca

source:L’ATLES CATALÀ DE 1375 TREBALL  DE  FINAL  DE CARRERA Àngel Arana Palomo Juny, 2002