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Arabia,  Sebba. Província la qual és aquella que tania la ragina Sebba. Ara és de sarrayns alhàrabs e ay moltes bones odós axi com de mirra e d’ensens e és abundade en or, en argent e en péres preciosses e encara, segons diu, hi és atrobat un auçell que ha nom ffenix

Saudi Sebba. Province of the Queen of Sheba. Now you belong to Arabs Saracens, and in it there is a very good perfume, as well as myrrh and incense. Many gold, silver and precious stones, and also, as they say, there is a bird called the Phoenix.

In Arabia, between the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf is the Kingdom of Saba, the Queen who visited King Solomon. Is sitting on a throne, with green and orange Crown and holding a ball of gold as a symbol of their wealth. Wearing a purple dress in Western fashion of the time.  The description that the text makes the riches and the Phoenix is a typical example in the late 14TH-century cartographers, which mix information with other Biblical stories, in this case based on the Etymologiae of Isidore of Seville.

source: L’ATLES CATALÀ DE 1375 TREBALL  DE  FINAL  DE CARRERA Àngel Arana Palomo Juny, 2002