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Lo gran senor príncep de Gog e de Magog.
Aquest exirà en temps d’antechrist ab molta gent.

The Great Lord, the Prince of Gog and Magog. Will appear at the time of the Antichrist for a lot of people.

According to the Bible (Gen. 10; 1-15) Magog was one of the sons of Jafet, and Gog (Ez. 39, 1-16) the Prince who ruled the land of Magog "from the far North inaccesible" threat and attack the country of Israel (Ap 20, 7-10). This Princes or villages would be identified with all the threats of the moment, among them that of the Tartars. Here using Gog and Magog as names of Nations.

The place surrounded by mountains, where they are locked up until the time of the Antichrist, we see broken trees. The King on horseback under the canopy is the dominance of Gog and Magog. At the end of time leaves the place of captivity that is surrounded by mountains. The army has a standard with the effigy of the devil. Broken trees in the mountains are the ones who, legend, saw Alexander and of which said that the glasses were the clouds. Once again the biblical tradition is mixed with the legends that echoes Mandeville.