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Muntanyes de Caspis dins les quals Allexandri viu arbres ten alts que les saines tochaven a les nuus e aquí cuidà morir, sinó que Setanat l’en gità per la sua art e per la sua art endoý aquí los tartres Gog e Magog e per éls feu les ·II·  images de matall, los demunt scrits. Ítem encly aquí molts diverses generacions de gens qui no dubten a manjar tota carn crua, e aquesta ées la generació ab que vendrà Antichrist e la lur fi serà foc qui avalar[à] del cel qui·ls confondrà

Mountains in the Caspian Alexander (the Great) saw trees so high that their tops touched the clouds. Here he nearly died had it not been for Satan, who brought there by his power, and his Tartars could close there Gog and Magog, and ordered them to make the two images metal sibuixades above. Also closed many different people here who do not hesitate to eat any kind of raw meat. This generation will be the antichrist and his end will be caused by the fire descend from heaven and confused.

comment source: L’ATLES CATALÀ DE 1375 TREBALL  DE  FINAL  DE CARRERA Àngel Arana Palomo Juny, 2002

Here again mix the traditions of the Old Testament, the Apocalypse and ancient, medieval legends with reference to Alexander the Great.
In the book of Genesis (Gen, 10.2), Magog appear as grandson of Noah. The book of Chronicles (Cr.1,5) and the Koran (sura 18.94) also follow this tradition.
A Ez. 38 and 39, speaks of Gog as a warrior prince from the north, with his soldiers, Israel arrassarà unified towards the end of time. In this context aparareix Magog, cited as a nation to which they will direct the Son of Man. God, however, anihilarà Gog and his soldiers with the plague, hail, blood and fire descends from heaven. God will assign Gog a burial in Israel, in a valley of the Dead Sea and close the entry. In Revelation, Gog and Magog appear as two nations, to the end of time, will march against the Holy City and then will be annihilated by fire from heaven.
 In the book of Revelation (19, 17-18) speaks of the birds that devour human flesh, both the powerful and the servants. The reason the birds devour the men Gog and Magog tranfereix they become man-eaters. This is how to appear on the world map Ebstorf (image). The theme of cannibalism may be related to the idea that Tatar horsemen guarding ate raw meat under the saddle, which had also said Hun.
There is a medieval legend in which Alexander the Great Gog and Magog has closed a prison, walled by mountains and the Caspian Sea enclosed by iron gates.

Here, instead of two iron doors are metal figures. Mandeville devotes Chapter LXI his Book of Wonders of the world to this issue.
Alexander the Great appears on the upper right of the map. Legend, among others cultivated by Sir John Mandeville, said that with the help of Satan, Gog and Magog were imprisoned in the mountains and the Caspian Sea had two bronze figures to take them subjects spells. It also refers to the door that is supposed Alexandre was built in the mountains of Gog and Magog to close the Caspian, which are equated with some tribes of Central Asia.
As the author knows the Caspian Sea can not locate there Gog and Magog prison, does in northern China, where the Great Wall can still lead to the closure or belief prison hordes of riders Mongols.