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Page: f70r2

The first panel (f70r2 proper) contains a circular diagram framed
by four rings of text (unit "C") between two faint mechanically
drawn circles. There are two faint radial strokes at 10:00, breaking the two
outer rings, and one at 09:05, breaking the two inner rings.

The second (half-)panel contains a paragraph with 13.7 lines of text
(unit "P"), part of which spans the fold between the two panels.

Inside the diagram's frame is an eight-pointed flower (or chubby
star), with serrated outline. A narrow channel or stem connects
the tip of each of the star arms to the frame.

Inside the flower there is a sun, containing a ring of text (unit
"I"), and inside it a human (woman's?) face with crossed eyes and
smooth light hair. The sun has eight S-shaped rays directed along
the star's arms, interleaved with eight long spikes with a bulbous
base, each touchng the diagram's frame.


Speculation is that the two inner circles are one paragraph since
they share the single line marker at 09:05, and the two outermost
are another paragraph since they share the double line marker at

However those lines may be modern guesses. The aligned gaps
at 12:00 on the two outer rings and at 06:00 on the two inner rings
are equally plausible.

Paragraph: C
Circles of text around diagram, outside in.
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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image.
"V" transcriprion by John Grove


&152 = Grove's "M"; mapped to "d"
&ar = <a> and <r> run together

Transcribed clockwise from double radial stroke 10:30
1:sal air am shed!!!!!!y chokal choikhy sho!keey choky chol dy okeeal o!teedy dg!s dair aiin okees okeear okeear ar alekeey ar kam oteeodalsy chekeoar chokey dar dcheoky otar doithy dair otchetchar !!!!!!okseo l!al kchm okar ar dar

Transcribed clockwise from from double radial stroke 10:30
2:otar ar chedal oar al aldaiin ykeeeedaiir sheo!l dar chal ykees aiis dl cheey r!keeo d oteeodar aiin aral daiir sheedal sheodaiin choar char choteoly cho oteey chotey csoeky chedy choteos a!m oteodar ockhh

Transcribed clockwise from single radial stroke at 09:15
3:oches air chess ctheey sheeody shopcho yteody ykaldy oteeo!s aiin shey shee fora!r aim cheoteeodal sho choetchaldy dal aiir ches otes ar dalol chtam {wide gap}opaiir chekeo oteedy o!teeo okol chotal otol al dl

Transcribed clockwise from single radial stroke at 09:15
4:otoy ar arodchedy cheecpheey oteeos ees cheol sheeey okeedaly cheeoekey ykeed* r!!! oteey s al! s air oteody !!!!!!!dar aiir ody cheeos! chey daiin otoeeseor air chedy oko dar al sho chotol d!!!!!!al dy

Paragraph: P
Text, NE side of diagram
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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image.
"V" transcription by John Grove

Lines P.9 on were quite garbled in the "F" transcription --
it listed only 11 lines instead of the correct 14.

1:otchey sheol{crease} chkey shep al r ar chly sheteal aram

2:dair cheey s{crease} ch!otey dshy dam chchet!al ykem!y

3:ykeeo y s al!{crease}! she!y cthy shekey qokal aiir oteom

4:daiin okeey{crease} shoaiin ckhhey otal shshy tal dam

5:tal cheeod {crease}dal chcthy qetal ddl ar chal dal

6:ytar ar!{crease}!l y!ol al aloees ytaiir otal dal

7:daiin{crease} daiin she tal qokal chol ckhhy dy

8:yta{crease}!s alal dalam dal cthol opar!am

9:d{crease}y!shol shol shol shocthhy dalaly

9a:{crease}y!okal chol kshody tol cheey okal

10:daiin chotal qokal chol chotals

10a:qokal shkal dal shy qokal chdy

11:qotal chey key okechy chdy cham

11a:okaiin chcthhy s or ary