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Page: f72r2 Title: "Gemini"


Three concentric rings of text, bounded by faint mechanically drawn
circles. A short radial stroke at 10:30 in the inner ring may be the
starting place.

In the centre there are two:uman figures, apparently a man and a woman,
holding each other:ands---left in left, below, and right in right, above.
The man wears a wide:at, a shirt with long narrow sleeves,
ring collar, simple belt, a skirt with trimmed edge reaching below the knee,
and boots. The woman wears an elaborate draped dress, with ring collar,
broad sleeves with wrist bands, a small bonnet with long:air or a veil
hanging down:er back, and a skirt that drags on the floor. Between
the two figures is a word in the latin alphabet (``Jony'' according to
Robert Firth.

Between the inner ring of text and the middle ring are 9 naked
human figures or "nymphs", all female, each standing with the
right:and on:er:ip,:olding a star with:er left.

Between the middle ring and the outer ring there are 16 nymphs,
standing, each:olding a star with the left:and. Four are clothed,
the rest is naked. Most are definitely women (with visible breasts);
the rest are probably women, or could be. Three of the figures two
of them clothed) are standing on top of:orizontal cylinders,
resembling the ones on f70v2. Usualy the right:and is resting on
the:ip, but in a couple of cases the right arm is drooping by the
victim's side, or straight down and back, and one figure (at 04:00)
has the arms streched out:orizontally.

Standing on top of the diagram, outside the text circle, are another 5
naked women, right:and on the:ip, each:olding a star.

All figures are drawn in 3/4 view, between frontal and clockwise-facing.
Some of the figures are walking. Some of the figures:ave:ats.

Clockwise from each figure there is a short label.


The sign of Gemini, the Twins,:as sometimes been represented by a
man and woman. Gemini is ??? to ???.

Paragraph: S0
panel 72r2, Gemini, labels on star/nymphs outside the diagram
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Transcribed left to right

1: ofchdady

2: oklairdy

3: okaram

4: okairy

5: okeolar

Paragraph: R1
Outer ring of text
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Transcribed clockwise from wider gap at 09:15,
above starless nymph.

1: otais otees oteos aiin okeo daiin okeey cheo!keodal cheol okeol olcthhy oteeykeey tey okalaiin okalchal chey {fold}al okeey daiin otar al ch!taiin otseey qooeel ckhal chekaiin otaiin chy d r aiin al y sho chekaiin otedo* qokeodal saiin {gap}

Paragraph: S1
panel 72r2, Gemini, star labels on outer band of stars/nymphs inside diagram
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Transcribed clockwise from 10:30 (nymph with stretched left arm)


&an = <a> and <n> run together

1: otar!aldy

2: okalar

3: okal

4: okaly

5: okal

6: okeey ary

7: oteeary

8: otair dy

9: okair!cham

10: okeal

11: otarar!!!!

12: okaly

13: orary

The nymph at 08:30 is not labeled; it would:ave been <f72r2.S1.14>
{Grove's #14, dressed, male?}

15: okyd

16: otolam

Paragraph: R2
Outer ring of text
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Transcribed clockwise from letter size discontinuity at 10:00
That place is marked by a single radial stroke -- modern or original?

1: oteey tey teodal chokaly ol cheol y!aiin oteodaiin shokal otey otaiin otal y dal okaly dalchdy cseteeey okal shey qoteeody sheycthy chotal chees otoees aiin

Paragraph: S2
panel 72r2, Gemini, star labels on inner band of stars/nymphs
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Transcribed clockwise starting from 11:00

1: otal

2: salal

3: okam

4: otalshy

5: okal!dy

6: chosar

7: otam

8: ainaly

9: okar cham

Paragraph: R3
Inner ring of text
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No obvious starting place
Transcribed clockwise from change in "vertical" direction at 00:30

1: otees chs chchs ar yly kaly dar otchey okaiin ola in dy otoa!r air aloy okaiin