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Page: f72v1 Title: "Libra"


[To be checked and completed]

Six faint, mostly concentric, mechanically drawn circles delimit
three rings of text. The outer ring runs right up to the binding
gutter on the right. There may be a wider word gap at 09:00 (but
the image is very poor there). A radial stroke cuts across the
middle ring at 08:30 (may be a modern scribble).

The two circles that delimit the inner ring of text are quite

Inside the inner ring there is a two-plate balance scale,
slightly offset to the right. The beam is a narrow rectangular
ruler, with a darker stripe running down its middle. The pivot is
not visible, but seems to be fixed at the bottom of an upright
rectangular frame, with a:andle or ring on top (partly:idden
under the innermost text ring). A narrow triangular pointer rises
from the beam's midpoint up to the top of the supporting frame. An
object resembling a sliding counterweight seems to be resting over
the beam, a little to the left of the pivot. Each end of the beam
has a thin:orizontal extension, from whose tip there:angs a
hemispherical cup with thick walls, supported by three or four
straight threads or wires.

Below the scale there is a single word in non-Voynich script,
apparently "oct~ebre" in lowercase Latin cursive (with a
tilde or macron over the "te").

Between the bands of text, there are two bands of naked figures
("nymphs"), 10 in the inner one, 20 in the outer one. Most of them
are clearly female (visible breasts, long:air). All nymphs are naked,
mostly in 3/4 view (between frontal and facing clockwise).

A:ole in the vellum, less than 5mm across, covers a small segment
of the middle ring. at 03:00. The preceding word runs up to the
hole, but is apparently whole. A nymph in the inner band, at
03:15, also:as the:air squeezed against the:ole.

The outer nymph at 12:15 wears a crown, consisting of a ring of
flaring triangular points, each with a dot; and a dome with double
outline, topped by a spike or cross (too small to tell).

Each nymph is:olding or pointing to a star.

There is a Voynichese label just clockwise of each nymph.


The scale is the standard symbol for the sign of Libra.
Libra is from ??? to ???.

The stroke at 08:30, if original, suggests that the text should be
read starting from there.

The way f72v3 overlaps f72v2 indicates that they were drawn in
that order.

The drawing of the balance is very accurate in all details, in
spite of the relatively crude perspective and technique. It looks
as if the author was very familiar with the instrument. I suspect
that the model may be more appropriate for a druggist than for a

The details of the drawings around the:ole suggest that the
hole was already there when the drawing was made.

Paragraph: R1
outer text ring
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No obvious starting place;
Transcribed clockwise from unreadable area at left

1: !!!!!otar air chpaly oteody okchesal otear alshey oleealy sh*etey oteos alal dals alchol ytolaiin ydaiin chotar ytal oto shoty otey okchedyly shdary sar ote!dy oto r!ar shedy !opshey!tey opairaly choshydy otar cheedy otalaiin cheeky okalar ysr*y s ok*s*t* oteos alar

Paragraph: S1
Labels on stars, Libra, outer ring
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Numbers by John Grove


1: oeeoty

2: octhy

3: oteoly

4: okeoly

5: oeees

6: ocf{&F}shy

7: oees

8: okeeoly

9: odal

10: aiinod

11: odody

12: oteod

13: yteod

14: okchedy

15: okyl

16: ytaly

17: ocheos

18: oteofy

19: cheoepy

20: ykee!dy

Paragraph: R2
middle ring of text
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No obvious starting place.
Transcribed clockwise from radial stroke at 08:30
(which may be a modern scribble...)

1: otar!iir otol!topar oteol aiin ofas al otshedy ofalar alshdy chpar aiin okaly okar {hole}yaly opcheolfy op!ar cheoekey otol!opaiin shaldy chepchy atey tear {stroke}

Paragraph: S2
Labels on stars, Libra, inner ring
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Numbers by John Grove

1: oeeoly

2: okady

3: okeey

4: oiiny

5: oeey

6: okedy

7: ypain

8: okalair

9: oeeody

10: okeol

Paragraph: R3
inner ring of text
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Transcribed clockwise from slightly wider gap at 09:00

1: otal!al dalal ykeols oteo!s aiin y!otoam oteey saiin oteoos am