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Page: f84r Title: "Covered pool"

Labels on top illustration

nymph? - #1, in vat below grapes?, or funnel into vat
1: {gutter} !lmyl

nymph? - #2, in vat below grapes?
2: or shekar

below that: ydy

nymph? - #3, in vat below grapes?
3: ydy

nymph? - #4, in vat below grapes?
4: okedy

nymph? - #5, in vat below grapes?
5: oloy

nymph? - #6, in vat below grapes?
6: doiis

nymph? - #7, in vat below grapes?
7: ol shy

nymph? - #8, in vat below grapes?
8: otedy

nymph? - #9, in vat below grapes?
9: lkol

nymph? - #10, in vat below grapes?
10: okolshy

nymph? - #11, in vat below grapes?
11: otoly

nymph? - #12, in vat below grapes?
12: dshedy

Paragraph: P

"V" transcription by John Grove, posted 09-may-1998.
Some of Grove's [kt] restored to [pf] based on other versions -JS.
The {.} marks Grove's "detachable initials".

1: kal chedy qokeey otedy dytedy okeedy olshed opshed ykcsedy qotedy opoly

2: tol or sheey chckhdy schckhy dal y!shedy otedy qol or ol eedy qokeey or!oly

3: qokeey dar shedy qokedy qokeedy qokedy chedy okai!n chey qokedy dar olar dy

4: tor shedy tedy !rol ol cheol shedy shckhy qokal olkedy

5: p!!!chol cphol sol teol tedy qotedy qokeedy qokeey ol keedy tey qokedy qopor oly

6: otchy ol shedy qokedy shedy okedy shckhy chckhy olchey schey dal chckhy ral

7: qokey s!ol yqokai!n qolkeey qotedy qokai!n shedy sal!chedy

8: p!!!shol pchcfhdy qokeedy dy qokedy daiin shckhedy qokaiin checthy dar checthy am

9: qokaiin chol cheky okal!y chey okal chedy tor!y otshedy qokey l!shedy

10: qotchsdy ykeedy qokal ol shedy qokedy qokeedy qokeedy chedy raiin chey otar dar

11: dar sheor shcthy qokeor qotedy rshedy qolchey oteey qol shedy ol daiin ol!or

12: p!!!ol tar shedy qokedy okal shey qokar chckhy otchey qokchedy !c!hey qokaiin

13: p!!!chedy qotchedy otaiiin chcthy shedy otedy qoty qotedy ol okedy otedy rom

14: qotol shcthhy oty dar shcthy schdy qokeedy olkey

Here comes the middle pond
The first line has 10 words, and there are 10 nymphs in the pond above it...

15: p!!!alchd fchedy sh!cthy olky dar opalkaiin o!qofchedy or!aiiin ofoly oroly

16: s!or ol olaiin oqol y!qor or ckhedy chkedy okai!n shedy qokolchedy olai!n

17: qokeedy okeey dar olchedy qsolkeedy rar checkhy otar chedy olchcthy lor

18: dchdy qokedy ol chckhy olchdy sar or ykeedy chetey sai!n shedy shekam

19: ykchdar or ar!ar shedy qokal daiin shedy olkedy qokedy qoky chedy daiin

20: qotar ytedy tedy dar olkedy qotedy shckhy chtol tedy dar or oly

21: shol tchdy tedy ykai!n shey cheol y!tedy al!kedy okedar o!lkeed ol ary

22: d!shey teey sor ol shedy dar aldy otedaiin shckhchy chckh!y daiin ar!yly

23: qokal daiin dai!n otey cheor air shckhy orair oro

The next line begins to the outside the left margin, right next to a water channel.
The first half of the line is hanging above the bottom pond; the following lines are
indented by a couple of inches, to leave space for the pond. The spacing of the
first 11 words <shey...chedy> is a bit exaggerated, and there are 11 nymphs in the pond below. Hmm...
24: {figure}shey dar shey dai!n aiin shedy orol ykar okedy qoky chedy okedar chey alol

25: qoteedy qokol otedy shedy qokeedy dol ol dam

26: s!or olchdy lshedy qokchy dol otedy ytchor olky

27: dshedy sheedy qokedy chedy teedy qokeedy

28: qokeedy dkedy olcsedy qokal shckhy olkeedy

29: {figure}dshe!dy oteedy qotar chekar or shedy saiin

30: {figure}okaiin otchdy qokai!n csedy qokeey qotedy

31: {figure}qokai!n otchedy skeey rcheky dol okechy

32: {figure}ykedy qotedy chcthy ol!chcthy dar ar osy

33: {figure}yt*yl chedy qokor shekedy okedy ithhy dam

34: {figure}doledy qokedy ar aror okedy okedy

Paragraph: Y
labels on margin illusstration
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flow? - flow between vats
13: otaly