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Page: f66v

Roots: four thin stalks, arcing down, each ending with a tuber shaped like
a chili pepper pod. The tubers are almost horizontal, pointing outwards,
and resemble four feet wearing pointy shoes.
Stem: short and thick, dark-painted very crudely .
Branches: none.
Leaves: each leaf consists of a dense stack of parallel leaflets.
curled inwards. The distal leaflets are bigger, so that the leaf
is shaped like a truncated cone, with the narrow end down.
Very weird-looking. Alternate leaflets are dark-painted.
Stalks: about as long as the stem, slightly S-shaped.
Flowers: two, one on each side.
Stalks: medium long, thin, slightly curve, branching off
diagonally from each the leaf axilla. Chalix: olive-shaped,
with short, flaring, triangular sepals; medium-dark.
Petals: triangular, dark. Core: not visible.

Above the plant there are three paragraphs (with 4.6, 2.8, 4.9
lines, respectively), flush with the top, left, and right margins.
The last line is interrupted by the plant.

There is a faint scribbling to the left of the root. It looks like
an illegible word surmounted by a large EVA "l", followed by a very
crude stick man with rectangular head and eyes, wearing two
superimposed EVA "l"s as a hat.

The bottom edge of the page has an indentation, about 1cm deep
near the middle of the edge, extending from there to the SW corner.

There is a mark in the SE corner, resembling "8" with superscript


The plant looks very strange and inelegant, it was very poorly

Since the roots barely touch the edge of this tear, without
crossing it, we can presume that the the defect was already there
when the plant was drawn..

The mark in the right corner is almost surely the quire number, "8th" in abbreviated Latin.

1:okeodof sheod ychoopy opch dal dorshefy ytody daldeam

2:teodal tchedy dshey okshedy okeedy dcheeky daldy qotal sy

3:ytos s ar sheeky okechdy okchdal dar otal chody cheky

4:shokeshy daiin cheos shky dol shckhy dal ko!dal chekal dal

5:shdy shedefam qokedy chokal dal

6:tchod sheody shckhhd chos chor sheo keody chepar shsopam

7:qokeos sheody chekeor chody ko!tody qotchdy chckhd y!tchdy

8:dchek!csdy cheody qokchdy qokol keedy cheky chety kody

9:pody sheody chpa!dar sheey feedly cheos!eesey kchy qofchal

10:dshol keedy qokyr okaiin dol kal daiin otal dakar okag

11:yteeod aiin shekeod s aiin ykofar otaiin otar chedy kara

12:qekar okedy cheky dal chekal chckhy kal kal dar chkchody

13:ydees shey daiin dal!kal {plant}ykedaiin shedar okchdy oty