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Page: f67r1 : 12-pointed star with 24 sectors, sometimes 1 but mostly 2 stars inside

This is the innermost recto panel of a four-panel fold-out.
There seems to be some confusion in the page numbering in this fold-out; it is also listed as page 120.
Newbold plate III, Brumbaugh p66, both of whom call it f.67r

The page is dominated by a circular diagram, surmounted by a single  paragraph of text (4 lines).

The diagram is framed by three rings of text, delimited by  four thin circles. All three rings are broken at 11:30
by two radial strokes and a decorated design. 

At the center of the diagram there is a cicle of small "pearls",
containing a woman's(?) face, with crossed eyes and a bored or
displeased look. The space between them is dark (hair? shadow?).

This small circle is surrounded by elongated triangular spikes, painted
solid dark, forming a 12-pointed star. The gaps between consecutive
spikes are filled by kite-shaped regions, with the sharp corner pointing inward.
The result is another "fat" star with 12 chubby points and finely serrated outlines.
Each "kite" is split along its diagonal; the clockwise half is painted
solid dark, the other one is filled with little stars.

The space between the "fat star" and the outer circle is divided into
24 sectors, containing alternately a label and one or two stars.
(The "star" sectors are those aligned with the starry half-kites.)

In the SE corner there is a mark resembling a "9" with "ng" superscript.


The central face probably represents the moon.

The mark in the SE corner is almost certainly the quire number,
"9th" in abbreviated Latin.

Paragraph: P
Text above diagram.
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"U" transcription by J. Stolfi from scanned image

1 H teeodaiin shey epairody osaiin yteeoey shey epaiin o!aiin

2 H daiir okeody qoeksh!g sar oeteody oteey keey keo keeodal

3 H ycheo s o g cheos aiin okesoe ar!am shees dalaiin dam

4 H cheo!daiin chekeey s!ar air s!oar cheey dair cthey

Paragraph: R
Circular text around diagram

There is a noticeable gap in the word-rings at 11:30: Transcription is clockwise, starting at 11:30

Outer ring

1: soairal shdy chokeody ykeedal ol oteodaiin choikhedy ot chteokeeiin choteedy otor epchy chpiir ar sheees !dady soeteed octhchy soeokeot y choteoky chockhy okees sor aiin daram seeder chdar dar deeschdy dar dar ar otar dar ykaras

Middle ring

2: dair al cheol dal oekaiin sol daiin eetees sainn ykeos l chy otodaiin chetegy otar daiir ar chedar okeedy oteodaiin ychsy cheteey ot dol al cheor okeor oiin cheeky ary okeokedr oshey shchey chol daiir dain cho dar aldy

Inner ring

3: archeor qoikeey oteeos cheockhey oteochedy okeohdar dararal okeosar sotey dair yto!y oteos oteees oteo oteesy sheokeey oteodal chokeed sar ainy oto!keedar deeety okeey teodain chekchy dair chparam

Labels in circle sectors : clockwise, starting from the North

4:yka!s asa
6:oteey dar
7:yto daiir
10:okeol sal
11:okeey sar