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Page: f67r2   Title: "The seven planets"

Near the bottom (innner) edge of each sector there is a round moon with crescent shadow and human face.  In the middle are 12 planets, moons.

Seven of the moons have a label
just outside

Circle of seven labels (or "titles") above some of the moons

Transcribed clockwise from 08:30.
Robert Firth once suggested that these labels may be the names of the seven Ptolemaic planets.

dylchsody  : moon at 09:30, dark coloured:
okal   :  moon at 11:30, dark coloured; the Sun?
okain am : moon at 01:30, dark coloured
opchol!dy  : moon at 02:30, light coloured
dfar oeolda!n : moon at 03:30, light coloured
ytoaiin  : moon at 04:30, dark coloured
yfain : moon at 07:30, dark coloured

Paragraph: X
Circle of 12 labels under the moons; clockwise from 08:30
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"U" transcription by J.Stolfi from an unidentified scan.
"V" trancription by John Grove.

The original line numbers were assigned by J.Stolfi
starting from 11:30; they were reassigned on Oct/1998
to match Grove's numbering.

08:30 moon 10, light coloured, no label above
1 H okadar

09:30 moon 11, dark coloured
2 H qotoear

10:30 moon 12, light coloured, no label above
3 H dchodar

11:30 moon 1, dark coloured
4 H ysaldal

00:30 moon 2, medium coloured, no label above
5 H ytodal

01:30 moon 3, dark coloured
6 H tol daiin

02:30 moon 4, light coloured
7 H otardy

03:30 moon 5, light coloured
8 H chodalg

04:30 moon 6, dark coloured
9 H ytchodyy

05:30 moon 7, dark coloured, no label above
10 H octhys

06:30 moon 8, light coloured, no label above
11 H ytokar

07:30 moon 9, dark coloured
12 H otolor

Circle of 8 labels around central star/flower.
Transcribed clockwise beginning at 'dotted tail' from central 'star' (at 08:30).

1:s air

This table shows the number of lines in units "C" and "L" and the
moon colours (light/medium/dark), starting from 08:30:

Between circles 5 and 6 there is a single row of text, containing 12
labels (unit "X"), apparently associated with the sectors and/or
moons in the band above.

Inside circle 7 there is another ring of text, with 8 erratically spaced labels (unit "Z").

At the center of the diagram there is an eight-pointed star/flower with an "orange slice" background. The eight arms are not particularly aligned with the 8 labels of the innermost text circle.
The star arm at 08:30 has a dotted tail extending out between two labels.

Below the diagram there is a normal-looking paragraph (unit "P")
with 3.0 lines. According to John Grove these are only lines in
the MS that are ruled. The center line of text is coloured (red?)
and its strokes seem to be heavier than those of the other two.


It is possible that the text in all the sectors between radial
lines 10:00 and 5:00 comprises a single paragraph with three and a
half lines. The same can be said of the remaining sectors.

Robert Firth once suggested that the seven named moons may be the the seven Ptolemaic planets.

Since line 2 of the paragraph is colored, each line is probably a separate sentence.

Paragraph: Y: Outer ring of sector titles, clocwise from 12:30
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The original line numbers were assigned by J.Stolfi
starting from 12:30; they were reassigned on Oct/1998
to match Grove's numbering.

1 H ykchs ykchos
2 H ykchyr aram!!!!!!!!!
3 H ykecho ols eesy!dy
4 H soy shr okar
5 H shekchy *!!!ykor
6 H ykeody okchy
7 H dchetdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 H !!!!!!!!!!rfchykchey ykchys
9 H chkch!!!dar
10 H ykar ykaly
11 H lkshykchy okar
12 H chky chykchr chy

Texts in circle sectors, clockwise from 10:00 o'clock radiual line.

It may be that lines 27-32 and 1-11 constitute a single paragraph
with two lines and half, and ditto for lines 12-26. However, the
08:30 sector has four lines, whereas 07:30 has three and 09:30 has
two. So the reading order used below (by sector) is probably the
correct one.


1a H todaiin dain dy
1b H orchoer aiin
1c H choeey s!ar
1d H dacsa*ry*
2a H opodchol d!ain aldy
2b H sochy doiin oldy
3a H odaii!n otocs oekain y
3b H otchoy so!raiis dy
3c H qofchy daiin dal
4a H ydchos ain ar amy
4b H chocfhy saral
4c H rain am or
5a H eoporchy salsoiin
5b H sodar ofor ar
5c H ydag
6a H yteoor yto ykor
6b H okeo!r aiin am
7a H ytody s!aiin
7b H ochol olol
8a H dorar odar ais aloiin
8b H dakan osar odal
9a H chol daiin okol
9b H ytor daiin or
10a H otoldos octhole
10b H sor chedaiin dy
10c H yteos oiin om
11a H ytoeopchey chekody
11b H soshe chos ockhy
11c H daiin aiin os yrl
12a H ofydy sheody aiin
12b H ycheody es odaiiin
12c H yekees oraly