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Page: f68r1   Title: "Sun over Moon"

The page contains a circular diagram surmounted by a paragraph with 3.5 lines (unit "P").

The diagram consists of a faint circular outline filled with 29 randomly placed stars, each with a label (unit "S").

At the top and bottom of the diagram, just inside the outline, there are two smaller circular medallions.

The top medallion (the Sun) sports a ring of fang-shaped rays.
Inside it is the face of a woman, with short curly hair and
crossed eyes; and three voynichese words (unit "X").

The bottom medallion is framed by a circular band with some text
(unit "Y"). Inside the frame is the face of a man(?), also with
crossed eyes, apparently with short hair and a "frame" beard, both


The two medallions presumably represent the Sun and Moon.
Compare  this diagram with the following one (f68r2), which is visible at the right when the foldout is open.

Paragraph at top of page
1  shokchy chteey choteey cphol cheor opcheeol otor choctheeey okchoal
2  tochso otchl qokeeedy cheey cheeteey yteody chpor cheo!korchey chod
3  ykor shey qocheey chokal {top of diagram}okeey ror cckheor daram
4  dchor okaii!n

Title inside top medallion (face in sun)

1 yky
2 dary
3 chkchykoly