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Page: f68r3   Title: "The Pleiades"

A circular diagram, centerd on the page. The diagram is framed by a band of text (unit "C1") between two faint mechanically drawn
circles, with no distinguished gap.

At the center there is a bored-looking round face, surrounded by a band of text (unit "C2").

The space between the inner and outer bands is divided into eight sectors by radial text lines---vertical, horizontal, and at 45
degrees (unit "R"). All lines read inward, so some are upside-down.

Sectors 11:00, 02:00, 05:00, and 08:00 are filled with unnamed stars.

Sectors 10:00, 01:00, 04:00, and 07:00 contain respectively 1, 2,
3, and 4 stars, each with a label (unit "X"). Sector 10:00 contains
also a 7-star cluster, with a single label (line "X.1").

A curved line ("tail") connects the cluster to the moon at the center;
it too has a label (line "X.2").

The face probably represents the Moon. It seems to be a woman.

The seven-star cluster can only be the Pleiades. So perhaps
"doaro" means "Pleiades" in Voynichese?

Outer ring of text
No starting point on circular text

Transcribed clockwise from slightly wider gap at 09:05.
1: odchd otchdy cheoteeo oshchey chokol cheody chedy !!ote!odaiin otchodal s!ol cheor oteo{crease} oteey !oetchdy opcheody dchedy daiin oteeody da*!!!cheedy oteeody qochecth*m dchreo okeodly do ls{crease} os!chaiin cheockhedchy chodal cheody chol al oteo!dched okedy qokeey choky dol daleesd okinaiir

Paragraph: R
Radial lines - clockwise from 09:05

Line at 09:05
1: dchey qokeey dcheey daiir otchal

Line at 10:35
2:  toees ykeoshe qokol!chey qokchdy

Line at 00:05
3: toees!! ch!cphy qokchdy dol okyld

Line at 01:35
4: dchy!kchy daiir chok{crease} o!ckho!dar

Line at 03:05
5: qokol chdchol qoteey ch{crease}etechy okchdy

Line at 04:35
6: dchokchr{crease} shhy okey oteos okolshy

Line at 06:05
7: pchody qokchy dshol ds{&S}y! otgoldl

Line at 07:35
8: kchoty oteey daiin dcheeody oteey

Labels on stars in sectors
Sector 10:00, lone star and a star cluster

inner star cluster (Pleiades), at 10:00
1 doaro

tail near Pleiades
2 oalcheol

outer lone star, at 10:00
3 dchol dal

Sector 01:00, two stars: outer star (over crease, hard to read)
4: otory{crease}

inner star
5: okos

Sector 04:00, three stars: outer star, at 04:15
6: okolchy

inner star, at 04:00
7: a {crease}cphy

outer star, at 03:45
8: chdy yky

Sector 07:00, four stars: middle star, at 07:00
9: darall

outer star, at 06:45
10: o cthyd

outer star, at 07:15
11: okchoda

inner star, at 07:00
12: oty!dm

Inner ring of text, around moon
1 otchody chokchy okol cheol dar cho keol dolaiin okeol oly